Ultrasonic Cavitation vs Cryolipolysis – Which Is Better?

More and more people are looking for non-invasive treatments to shape their bodies. However, there’s confusion about which liposuction technique is best as both Cryolipolysis (freezing fat) and Ultrasonic Cavitation can be effective in removing unwanted material from various areas of the body; however they differ significantly when it comes down what kind or results you would like after surgery.

Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary new treatment that uses controlled cooling to destroy fat cells. It’s best suited for the spot reduction of stubborn areas, like around your midsection or love handles! We recommend 1-3 treatments with full effects taking up until 3 months after procedure completion – these results are permanent as well because all attaches atoms get vaporized by cold rather than being broken down into molecules which would cause inflammation in nearby tissue (and make this thing go away).

Ultrasonic cavitation is a painless and effective way to get rid of unwanted fat. The body’s natural ability, coupled with this treatment’s effectiveness means that you can enjoy the benefits in as little time it takes for an appointment!

In a recent study from 2019, it was discovered that both Ultrasonic Cavitation and Cryolipolysis are safe procedures with promising results. However there is less risk for injury with the latter compared to former procedure due in part because its cold temperatures destroy fat cells on contact- something which cannot easily happen when usingsoncavitator machines typically found at gyms or spas around here!

We offers online training courses that will help you become a qualified body sculpting professional. Once certified, choose to set up your own business or continue working as an established practitioner!

If you want to provide clients with safe and effective care, then it’s essential that they receive proper training. We offer Ultrasonic Cavitationand Cryolipolysis treatments so enroll now!


Fat Cavitation Training Courses

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation
And Radiofrequency Certification
(2-in-1 Course)

A 2-in-1 course to promote your cavitation & RF treatment to give clients a slimmer, smoother silhouette.

Price: $197 USD

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Course

EMS Body Sculpting

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that improves muscle building and fat burning.

Price: $197 USD

Laser Lipo Course

Laser Lipo

Learn how to provide safe and effective treatments for Laser Lipolysis treatments.

Price: $197 USD